Bees get award for teaching English

Thursday, 23 May 2024 | News, In Focus

BU helped create a partnership between a Spanish school and BFC Community Sports Trust. It has now won an award in Spain for innovation in multi-lingual education - Stewart Purvis explains how it all happended  
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An educational partnership which Bees United helped to create between the club and a Spanish school has won an award in Spain.

Back in 2021 we reported  on a school in Seville where the headmaster was a Bees fan and the pupils wanted to be too.



We linked up the Cardenal Spinola School with the Brentford Community Sports Trust.

All sorts of educational projects followed including the school using written material about Brentford to help teach English.




Now the partnership has won an award  for “Multilingual Teaching and International Collaboration” at the Fundación Trébol Educación in Malaga.



The ‘Innovation in Education’ award recognised ‘the outstanding activities, projects and dynamics designed and put into practice by Brentford Community Sports Trust and the students and teachers at Cardenal Spínola School over the last few years’


Here’s the video.

It is in Spanish but the relevant section starts at 11.35.

The best bit is at around 20.15 is when the kids sing their sing about Brentford.











Stewart Purvis