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At a time when football supporters often feel clubs are out of touch with their fans and some communities have seen their clubs disappear, Bees United has fought for a unique role in ensuring that Brentford remains a club which we, the fans, can call our own.

Bees United is unique as the only fan group in the Premier League with a seat on the main board of its club.

We also have a ‘special share’ to safeguard its long-term future. enshrined in the articles of association of Brentford FC Ltd. This is irrespective of any government initiative which may seek regulatory influence over the way football clubs are owned and run.

BU earned these rights by saving the club from financial disaster back in 2006 and then, beginning the partnership with Matthew Benham which led to him becoming Brentford’s owner and the Club’s promotion to the Premier League.

We are proud of our club and its progress to the Premier League since we ensured its survival and we now have seats on the Brentford Fan Advisory Board.

We are confident of the future of Brentford FC, under the ownership model we helped create.

Bees United plaque celebrates where Harry Curtis and his family lived in Brentford in the 1930's

Bees United plaque celebrates where Harry Curtis and his family lived in Brentford in the 1930’s


BU statements: End of season Newsletter, May 23

Bees United were closely involved in securing the site for Gtech and we are proud that in a short time this has become our home, our fortress. It is BU’s priority to ensure that this never compromised.
Jon Varney has made it clear to fans, about Twickenham rumours, “…there are no plans and there are no live discussions with Twickenham about taking games there…”

League matches abroad
Fifa has taken a step towards allowing domestic leagues to play competitive matches abroad. BU has made it clear that we oppose any attempts to schedule domestic competitive fixtures outside England

We have given our view to the BFC board, regarding the PL vote on the use of VAR that which is that VAR is here to stay but that steps should be taken to improve it significantly.