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Since we were formed in June 2001, Bees United has fought for the survival of all that is best about Brentford Football Club. We have been a key factor, but not the only factor, in ensuring the survival of our Club, assuming ownership of BFC in January 2006 and then selling our Club to Matthew Benham on 28 June 2012.

You know the rest!

Bees United exists because of your donations – thank you to all our donors – you keep us alive

We have plans to do more and we are now asking you to donate to us

We are going to share more of our assets with our community, supporting different causes and we are now investing in the heritage of our Club to show it to you, and to share with you the real history that brought us to where we are today, from our foundation in 1889

Please donate to Bees United via paypal or email us ( for details of how to set up a standing order.

Help keep our club one that we can always call our own