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The Queen V among the Penguins

It was at The Redback, an Aussie-type bar in Acton many moons ago. 'I was out with my housemates and Allan was celebrating with his fire fighter colleagues'. The idea of the Penguins very quickly took off following some time in the USA and then after a trip to an...
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From the Board

This month we’re celebrating some of the amazing women who make our Bees community so special but we're also taking time to check out some of the events we have been part of such as the Brentford Green Fair at St Paul’s Church with Sustaina Bees. There's a whole host...
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Life saving Bees

From Rotterdam, we packed our bags and we moved to Chiswick, with Diederik who was 3, all living on the Thames path. We'd see the lifeboats passing our house each day - I just wanted to serve, protect the community and watch some football locally ...
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2023 – 2024 – From the Chair

This season has not been plain sailing by any means but everyone's goal of staying in the top flight was achieved. Stuart updates now on some key BU views and thoughts as we look forward to the Euro's in June including the PL fixture details on the 18th!
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