We honour our Bees United members and other Brentford fans who sadly are no longer with us. Members lost, we remember you all and remain together, Bees United.


If you would like to add a name please email

Bob Amos
Alan Ashton
John Anderson
David Brown
Dr Dave Buckland
Tom Bunker
Len Bunning
Alan Buxton
Bill Collins
Reg Cook
Jonathan (JC) Crouch
John Dean
Harvey Edwards

David Alan Evans
Ron Fishlock
“Chas” Adrian Fox
Jim Furber
Brian Francis Hack
Julia Hatcher
Derek Hazel
Alex Henning
Charlie Hensman
Peter Hensman

Ronald Honor
Frank Howlett
Henry Hylton
Ron Jefferys
Evan Jones
Judy Kaufman
Bernie Lee
George Henry Marsh
Roger Paul Marsh
Allan Patrick Neill
Dennis Osborne
Peter James Page
Steve Pepe
Jeff Piner
Maurice Phillips
Robert (Bob) Pincham
Glyn Platt

Eric Prior
Frank Richards
Arthur Saggers
Tony Samuels
Michael Scantlin
Joe Seabrook
Hollie Smith
Phil Smith
Steve Tucker
David Vine
Phillip Wells
Alan Wheatley
Bob Winstanley
Les Woodley

Many fellow fans were not able to see our beloved Bees play in the Premier League
All our lost members are remembered on our exciting journey
Always together

Harry Abbett
George Bailey
Phyl Bailey
Ray Balcombe
Edward Baldwin
Stephen Ball
Arthur Basley
John Bateup
Peter Beasley
Donald Bingle
Michael Bishop
Jack Blackham
Stephen Blackham
Dennis Brown
Geoffrey R Brown
Paul Brown
Frank Burgess
Sylvia Burgess
Derek Burtenshaw
Michael Cabble
Paul Cahalane
Charlie Callaghan
Anthony (Anto) Carroll
Charlotte Castagna
John Cattell
David Clare
Phil Clarke
Francis Collins
Reg Cook
Jacqueline Covacie
Peter Crook
Gus Curtis
Jean Davies
James Davies
Peter Davies
AF Davis
Sydney De Jong
George Dee
Reg Dee
Roy Deller
Ronald Dempsey
Donald East
Kevin East
Stephen East
Jessie Emment
John Exelby
Mary Farley
Henry Fenton
Derek Finch
Andy Flaherty
Paul Flaherty
Bill Fossick
Cissie Fossick
Russ Fossick
William Foy
Jim Furber
Abbie George
Lesley George
John Gillard
Raymond Glenister
Barry Goodrich
Mark Grabowski
Ernie Green
Geoffrey Green
Lionel Green
Richard Grimes
Kenneth Gristwood
Tom Guilfoyle
David Harrison
Herbert Harvey
Laurie Harvey
William Haycox
Graham Haynes
Reg Healey
Arthur Hockaday
Joe Holderness
John Holderness
Mike Holland
William Hollins
Barry Huntingford
Cyril Ilett
Brian Ireland
Ronald Jacobs
Brian Jay
Colin Jones
Patricia Jones
Ian Juster
Peter Keen
Jack Keene
John Kelly
Leo Kenton
Sean Kerrane
Eric King
David Kochan
David Lambert
Raymond Lancaster
Martin Lange
Doug Langrish
Mike Law
Ian Levack
Kenneth Levack
Madge Levack
Bertram Longhurst
John Lonnen
Terry Lovegrove
Raymond Lumley
David Lymposs
Charles Lyons Snr
Mary Magill
Roch Maher
John Major
Adam Manley
Ron Maskell
George McCart
Ian McKinlay
Tony Medway
Francis Morley
John Morley
Jack Morwood
Joyce Neate
Angela Newton
John O’Farrell
Thomas O’Higgins
Patricia Osang
Derek Pain
Charles Palmer
Cyril Payne
Alice Pearce
Leonard Pearce
Ken Pennells
Maurice Phillips
Norman Pike
John Pitt
AsrafDin Ramnarain
Graham Rice
Joseph Richardson
Douglas Rikly
Andy Robinson
Alan Rogers
William Rogers
Bob Roker
Lionel Rosier
Percy Rosier
Eric Rowland
William Ryan
John Sanders
Cyril Scott
Douglas W Scott
Alison Sharpe
Peter Sheldrake
Oliver Shilling
Derek Simpson
Eddie Smith
Len Smith
Robert Smith
Ian Spencer
Robin Stevens
Hugh Taverner
Muriel Thatcher
Susan Thomas
Arthur Tilbury
John Trussler
Harry Tubb
John Tubb
Brian Turner
Tom Twydell
Derek Usher
Antony Vaughan
Gordon Vine
John Wade
Tom Ward
Miriam Waterman
Valerie Watkins
Frederick Wayne
David Wellavise
Phillip Wells
David Westbrook
Richard Whaite
Herbie Whitaker
Pat Whitaker
Eric White
Douglas Wilcox
Eric Wiles
Robin Williams
Brian Wilson
William Wiseman
John Wood
Les Woodley
Ade Woods
Roy Woolsey

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