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2023 – 2024 – From the Chair

This season has not been plain sailing by any means but everyone's goal of staying in the top flight was achieved. Stuart updates now on some key BU views and thoughts as we look forward to the Euro's in June including the PL fixture details on the 18th!
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The Chester’s and Griffin Park

Jim was 11 for his first trip to GP, with his Dad in the 1948-49 season. The year before Jim went to his first football match, at Chelsea, where he saw Tommy Lawton play, from the Shed with the game seeming miles away the other side of the Dog Track....
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Better than it seems!

At first glance finishing seven places and 20 points down on last season would appear to indicate a poor season but Commissioning Editor, Greville Waterman's review of the 2034/24 season wil try and put things in perspective and explain why there is much to be happy about and even more...
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Bees get award for teaching English

BU helped create a partnership between a Spanish school and BFC Community Sports Trust. It has now won an award in Spain for innovation in multi-lingual education - Stewart Purvis explains how it all happended
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