What’s next for Griffin Park

Thursday, 23 May 2024 | News, In Focus, Heritage

Bees United asked to meet ECOWORLD recently to learn how the plans for GP were progressing after quite some time with little real news or updates  
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Griffin Park Redevelopment

We had met ECOWORLD a while ago pressing for news and we have been very keen to get any updates, so we had a fresh meeting recently.

The economic backdrop for the property development sector has not been helpful for developers who need to push forward (they mostly do want to push forward) but for all our hopes and fears for this special place, we needed to know and to pass on to you, our Members and all Bees fans, what is actually going on and when.

We asked the questions;

New planning application

Planning permission was granted for 75 homes in September 2015. The permission was implemented in through the demolition of the stadium in 2021 which completed in 2023. Meanwhile, a fresh review of the proposals for the site were considered in 2021 – 2022, in order to bring it up to date with building regulations and planning policy, as well as proposing more homes, green space and a wider mix of housing following consultation and engagement with the community.  The detail we will share now can be expected to form part of a completely fresh planning application later this year. ECOWORLD say they hope they will apply for that new permission before Q4 2024. Once that is processed to approval (amendment or rejection), ECOWORLD would hope to move to market promptly.

The development has not changed much from the designs consulted on between 2020 – 2021, and from many earlier images that may have been presented and seen before. and Bees United are of the view that most of the changes are genuine enhancements, more accessible for us to visit and remember and far more respectful of the heritage of the site. The image above looks south from New Road towards Braemar Road.

Griffin Park



The development comprises 149 residences.

This is an increase from the earlier plan for only 75 homes.

The development will absolutely be called “Griffin Park



In respecting the heritage, which is such a huge part of our memories, our lives even, there will be a central area for leisure and relaxation and the position of the centre spot will be recorded. The central, “Community Park” space is much larger than the earlier plans and with increased biodiversity. The central green space will be open to the public for enjoyment and relaxation, so, it won’t be a private estate like the former Arsenal stadium at Highbury. We will all be free to go and stand where the pitch was and tell today’s fans and future generations our own tales of how we watched from the terraces, standing of course. The scheme will have landscaped walkways through with full public access and possibly with names from the past added for the thoroughfares as memory joggers for us all.

Within the central park area a special space will be created for reflection and remembrance.


We all have huge hopes for this area but local engagement with local residents and businesses is critical. As the plans progress so will community engagement (ECOWORLD say) and there’ll be a new contact team just for this purpose.

Braemar Rd towards The Griffin

Anyone who is local has heard next to nothing for a while now but with hindsight, there has been not much that could have been shared. ECOWORLD are upgrading the site hoarding to  enhance site security creating a tangible barrier to the risk of any forced entry. ECOWORLD are looking into whether they can bring forward the building of new boundary walls around the site and upgrade of existing walls in advance of the main works contract.



ECOWORLD will be in touch with the immediate community in the near future as the Summer approaches.

 New Bees fans soon


Indicative section through 3 apartment blocks and mews house with townhouses in background

The plan is currently for 149 homes consisting of a diverse range of homes from starter 1-bed apartments through to 5-bed houses. There will be 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments arranged in 3 blocks ranging from 4 – 6 stories.


This will include 1-bed Discounted Market Sale (DMS) homes.In addition, there will be eight mews homes and 33x 3,4 and 5 bed houses no taller than 3 stories.

Come you new Bees!