The BU AGM with Christian Nørgaard

Friday, 2 February 2024 | News, In Focus

Fond farewells, financial updates, the launch of the BU Community fund, our review of 2023 and plenty of voting preceded a wonderful hour listening to Christian Nørgaard. Here is the detail with all the video links.  
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A huge thank to all our Members, over 300 of those of you who registered to take part in our AGM and of course to listen avidly as Christian responded thoughtfully and honestly to an hour of questions about Ivan Toney, Thomas Frank, taking the children to nursery, injuries of course and Rotherham away!

The Bees United AGM

Please enjoy our AGM broadcast – click here
Sit down for a whole hour to see what Christian had to say – click here
Here is our 7 minute review of 2023 – click here

And now, the headlines!

Au revoir and hello

We shared our thanks to Ron Cooper and Chris Tate who left the BU Board after 12 years of service and in the case of Christine and Jim, they thought it time for someone else to step in to have their say! Thank you all for your fantastic service and contributions to Bees United [and BFC] over the years, cumulatively in your cases, over 30 years.

Actually we added it up and the tally is more than 30!

It is on the record that Jim stood for the Board in 2001, and Christine is part of the legendary Christine/Bruce/Christine, combo for many years, not to mention sharing an enviable away match attendance record and Ron has been espousing focus on heritage for longer than BU has been around. Chris of course has been the renaissance man of the BU Board, having run the BU accounts, been the BU Secretary, worked on FAB (and remains on that Body), very well connected in fans’ circles, set up a few AGM broadcasts and of course going the extra mile(s) on the legendary BU events such as the Brighton and Stockport walks.

Following Jim’s invaluable contribution as Treasurer, you voted Graham Hancock onto the Board. Graham has grabbed the financial pen and the calculator and is the new BU Treasurer.

BU Membership

We stand at over 3700 Members now with a huge international contingent (our Irish Members stay just ahead of all of you in the USA!) and we want to increase our numbers to 4000 in 2024.

Fan Engagement

While we await much of the detail as to the exact remit of a football regulator and the role it will play in football, the engagement with and from Brentford FC has been thorough and extensive in 2023 and ongoing. Around the UK, Bees United is seen as a beacon of how good governance and care for a unique community asset such as a football club, can work.

The “BU Special Share” that we have in Brentford FC has been particularly noted as a practical, real world approach of balancing fans interests with that of the owners who put the money and capital into clubs, and who take the risks.

BFC has already implemented its Fan Advisory Board (FAB) which is jointly Chaired by Bees United and BIAS. BU represents you, our Members on several FAB committees and we do always look for more hands on deck.

Do you want to help?


The Board was aware that BU planned to undertake some extensive expenditure in 2023, in the context of its heritage projects. Reduction of our loan balance was discussed with the Club – and the Club readily agreed on the repayment of £180k in June so that the outstanding balance owed to Bees United by the Club is £500k.

The BU Board feel that this strikes a sensible balance of continuing the financial ties with the Club and keeping the link back to the days when it was BU monies that helped keep the Club afloat.

The decision has also been taken by the Board to implement a simple treasury plan where we have placed tranches of monies (with the most ethical providers we could identify) on different fixed term deposits to maximise the amount of interest that we can generate.

Our strong financial position is only possible because of the donations which you, our members make, and everyone at BU thanks each and every member who is able to continue to support our work with regular donations. We have also continued to highlight a relatively simple and cost free way that members might also support BU by giving via retail purchases through the Easyfundraising website.

If you do wish to donate to BU – click here

Community fund

Sharon explained all the detail about the new BU Community Fund, which we have set up to distribute 5% of BU income from our donation income annually to projects, groups or events in support of Bees U’s core aims.

We expect the BU Community Fund to distribute around £1000 in 2024 and are seeking applications to support projects, groups or events that:

• Promote and protect the history and heritage of the club; and/or
• Support Bees United in representing the interests of our members, the wider BFC supporter group and the local community.
What do you do that could benefit from Bees United support

Please, read all the details

Reviewing – BU in 2023

We have been in and around Brentford TW8 and met lots of people, we honoured the foundation of the Club with a plaque and presented to over 150 at GTech and we are now owners of the BFC archive.

Here is our 7 minute review of 2023 – click here

Join the Board in 2024

We have a full agenda for the year ahead and we are very keen to attract new diverse talent to contribute to the BU Board. Board attendance takes 90 minute each month but includes other things to do so we ask Members for 3 to 4 hours each month. But that doesn’t include things like the work on the Archive, the Canal Festival, helping local groups who benefit from the Community Fund and a hose of different engagements with our Club

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Thank you, Stuart


The Bees United AGM

AGM video – click here
Christian Nørgaard video – click here
BU review of 2023 – click here


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