The BU Member survey 2024 We asked and you told us

Thursday, 25 April 2024 | News, In Focus

Thank you all for this astonishing response to our survey. One in five of you told us what you think. Sharon shares the details.  
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We had a wonderful response to our survey – thank you!
785 of you shared your views – one in five of you told us what you thought.

Our 2024 Bees United Member Survey asked for your views on how we communicate with you, how we can share stories about the BU/BFC archive, the recent Season Ticket price announcement, representation on the BFC Fan Advisory Board and our other regular meetings with the Club.

Here are the key points from the survey results.


At least one in six of you are Season Ticket holders (STH) or 65% of our survey responses.

In the survey, a fifth of you were Members and we had a good spread of Premium seat holders and International members.

In fact, overall, we are delighted that 8% of all our Members are international.



Our members are evenly spread between the under 65’s and the over 65’s.

We would love to have more Bees fans of all ages as BU members!

How do we do that – can you tell us?

Tell Sharon!



BU and our involvement with the club

You know we have a seat on the Board of BFC – we fought for that position over ten years ago but we are part of several committees that do form part of a consultative relationship with the club, so we were part of the discussions leading up to the clubs announcements about season tickets renewals but Members too and the “Every Seat Counts” process. So, in our survey we asked what you thought about two key focuses over the last few months.

What are your thoughts about Season Ticket pricing 2024/25?


One in three of you were positive about the recent prices increases.

Over half of you were “Neutral”

Nearly 10% of you were negative about the prices increases.

We received a lot of detailed comments on this question and we will use them to inform our regular discussions with the Club.


Have you heard about the Fans Advisory Board (FAB)?

FAB has met three times and whilst most PL clubs have set up FAB committees, some are still going though the process.

Just over half of you have heard of the Fan Advisory Board (FAB) which we co-chair with BIAS and just less than half of you have not heard about the FAB!

Club feedback

We will share the results of our survey with the club once the BU Board has been able to review the survey results but before that, if you would like to find out more about the FAB there is a page on the Club’s website here :

You and Bees United

What social media channels do you use to connect with Bees United?

Facebook was the most popular social media channel to connect with Bees United followed by Twitter/X, then Instagram and LinkedIn.  40% of respondents were not connected with Bees United on any social media platform. The links are below – connect with BU!

How would you like us to share information about BFC’s history stories and heritage, with you?

Over 200 of you want heritage information to be shared by email but you also suggested using the Newsletter, Social Media, Podcasts, Webinars, YouTube and the BU Website. Several comments called for a Museum or different exhibitions, social events, interviews and match day programme articles or pre and half time ‘big screen’ content.

The BU newsletter is monthly, but what type of content would you like more of on BU social?

You want to know more about what Bees United does on behalf of fans and you asked for regular updates on club meetings. You were interested in knowing more about what happens behind the scenes at the Club and the key people who manage the Club day to day.  You also wanted more about the B Team, the Academy and the Women’s Team. You asked for more fan views and profiles, Bees United member stories and interviews with former players and you wanted us to feature interesting stories about the history of the Club and the items in the archive

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?
When asked what issues you wanted us to be aware of or to raise with the Club, most concerns were expressed about away fans in home areas, and the challenge of attending matches when kick off times are changed at short notice.
Specific issues for disabled fans and overseas visitors were also flagged. Members additionally highlighted a number of issues for both home and away matches that impacted on their experience and raised issues about the current TAPS system.

Helping with BU activities?
100 of you said you would be happy to help us with Bees United events, articles, social media or committees and you shared your email addresses so we will be getting back to you soon!

Next Steps
We will discuss the survey results and your valuable feedback, at our May Board Meeting. We will be using all the information and comments you provided to plan how we work effectively with you and with the Club over the next year.
We will come back in future Newsletters and emails with updates on ‘You said, We did!’ in response to the survey findings, and to share opportunities for those who said they would be willing to help us in different ways.

Thanks again for all of you who took time to respond to our survey
It was fantastic to have direct feedback from so many of you.

Please join us



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Don’t forget to tell us if your email address changes so we can update our lists and continue to stay in touch.

If you have got any thoughts

Tell Sharon