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Club officials have given more details of the Farewell to Griffin Park  events and the opening of the new stadium in Lionel Road. All those supporters who had attended earlier focus groups at which suggestions were made were invited back to hear the responses from the club.  
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On December 3rd the subjects covered in The Hive were Heritage, Farewell to Griffin Park and New Stadium events.

On each subject there was a recap of the earlier suggestions and questions followed by the current status of the club’s response.

So for instance the presentation on Heritage and Farewell to GP said:


Suggestions/Questions Current Status
What will happen to the special Bricks bought by fans? The names of fans from existing bricks will be,honoured at the new stadium.
Is there a role for the Hall of Fame and club legends? Legends will play an active role in Farewell to,GP events and the opening of the new stadium.,Hall of Fame dfiscussions underway with Chris,Wickham and Peter Gilham.
What about sharing memories of key moments? A process is underway and appropriate,footage is being gathered.
What about the ticket/programme for the final match? Discussions are underway about the programme.
Will there be a Special Player of the Year Awards? The date will be May 3rd,a venue has been,booked and will be announced.Fans have,been asked to indicate their interest in,attending.
Will there be an auction of items from Griffin Park? Plans are underway, a complete inventory,has been prepared.
Will something symbolic be taken from GP to LR? Discussions underway on various ideas
Will there be a,service for those whose ashes are at GP? Yes, the date is yet to be confimed.
Will the GP centre circle/spot be kept? We hope to do this, perhaps preserved


The club then welcomed discussion on what would be the preferred entertainment before the final league game agaimst Barnsley on May 2nd. Also what should happen after the match ended and how could the whole event  be made special? The principal feedback was that fans would like plenty of time after the game to reflect quietly on their memories.

In the section on the opening of the New Stadium the main points were:


Suggestions/Questions Current Status
For the ‘opening game’ held in the pre-season could the opposition be an international team? We are confirming now who the opposition will be, the match will be in mid-July.
Will their be an Open Day for fans to find their seats? This will be built into the Test events held earlier.
What about music? An excellent sound system has been confirmed.
What about pre-match entertainment,price of food drink for all matches at new stadium? We are working on what matchdays will be like -we have more than 300 screens to use.We will work with our catering partner Levy on pre and post match pricing offers. A tender for matchday presentations will be issued
Entertainment needs tio be approroate to the Brentford style, for example no clappers? We need fans to take the lead on this!

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