Bob Amos 1933 – 2023

Friday, 23 February 2024 | News, In Focus, Heritage

" ..... He told Mum they had to get married on a Friday so it didn’t clash with the football .... "  
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The Bees United BU-BFC Archive and the Bob Amos collection

I was feeling rather pleased with life in general, as one does!
This in particular, was on the way back from Wolverhampton on Saturday 10th February. You Redzzzz!

Just approaching Rugby, I saw a post on one of the Facebook groups, from Julie,
who hoped she could find a home for her Dad’s Brentford memorabilia.
There were some super photos of books from lots of our famous authors.

Wonderfully a few fans had already said “Get in touch with Bees United“, “see if they want the items for their BFC archive collection”.

By that time I’d already written to Julie (as had a few others) and said we would be honoured to look after Bob’s possessions and I explained all about the BU archive and said we would catalogue everything as donations from Bob.

Julie thankfully said yes and many of you can do the same thing.
Please get in touch if you want to donate to the BFC Archive, owned by Bees United
Drop us a line please

Here now, are Julie’s memories as she shared them with me
Thanks a million Julie
Don Tanswell BU Secretary



Bob Amos – from Julie


All family gatherings, weddings, holidays etc had to be arranged around Brentford, even his own wedding!
He told Mum they had to get married on a Friday so it didn’t clash with the football.


Johnstone’s paint trophy


When I was born there was no question of which football team I would support.

I would go to all the home games with Dad.

And when I had my daughter,

Dad would take her and then my nephew too





At Dad’s funeral there had to be a strong Brentford theme and we all sang Hey Jude before leaving the crematorium

His flowers were the Brentford logo, which my sister, nephew and myself took and laid outside the old Griffin Park entrance

That was before before going to the Gtech to watch Ivan Toney miss his only penalty he missed all season !!!

He did make up for it later in the game thank goodness.



Now I hope you will understand why we are so pleased his name will be recognised by Bees United and his possessions can go to help grow the BU archive collection.

Unfortunately by the time Brentford moved to the Gtech, Dad’s mobility wasn’t great and getting parking near the ground is very tricky.

He decided he would prefer to listen to the match coverage via the web site from the comfort of his chair at home but he did say he would like to go just once

So my self and my nephew took him in style and he had a great day.





Griffin Park when Bob was around 20 years old



Bob watched matches since the age of 13 (1947) going with his Dad, also a lifelong supporter.

Bob and Audrey moved up to Luton around the time they were married an were together their for nearly 60 years.

Bob left us just to miss the couple’s 60th wedding anniversary which would have been last year






My Dad was the kindest most gentle man who’s one real love was Brentford!

Julie Small


Bob’s name now features on our Memorial page – please contact us if you would like to see a loved one remembered