The Lionel Road Community Stadium Project – update 9 June 2003

Monday, 9 June 2003 | In Focus

The current situation on the plans for a new stadium is as follows  
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The current situation on the plans for a new stadium is as follows:

Purchase of the Site

John McGlashan, on behalf of Brentford FC (BFC) and Bees United, is in regular contact with the commercial developer that is in the process of buying the site from the Strategic Rail Authority.

The developer 

  • has asked that their identity is kept confidential for the time being
  • is encountering some technical issues that are delaying the purchase of the site and could potentially impact on the economics of development schemes on the site
  • is reviewing the commercial potential for the scheme proposed by Bees United to build a transport interchange, community stadium and commercial enabling development including hotel, leisure, entertainment, housing and office space on the site
  • will compare the commercial potential of the Bees United scheme with their own plans to build industrial warehousing on the site
  • has promised to discuss progress with BFC and Bees United when their overall position on the above issues is clearer.

Business Planning

In the meantime Bees United is actively preparing an outline business case for the fitting out and operation of the stadium itself. The objective of this is to consider all the options for commercial and community activities in the stadium and to form some preliminary views on what uses would be appropriate and financially viable. The target is to have this preliminary information in July.

BFC, working with Doug White, is also looking in more detail at the commercial feasibility of the total development including the stadium and commercial enabling development and updating Doug?s original financial projections. This will provide useful information to inform discussions with the developers and other interested parties.

Relationships with London Borough of Hounslow

Representatives from BFC and Bees United jointly meet members and officials from the council on a regular basis to keep all parties up to date and to resolve any urgent issues.  Relationships with the council are very positive and constructive. Council officers are being very helpful in providing contacts and information for the Bees United business case on the community uses for the stadium.


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