Thursday, 28 April 2022 | Heritage, In Focus

Among those on recent tours of the stadium organised by the club were those activists like Paul Stedman who supported the campaign for a new ground in the days when Ron Noades owned the club. They included some of those who stood for Hounslow Council as candidates of the ABeeC party in 2002.  
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                          Pictures courtesy of Mike Sullivan

To try to identify as many people as we could amidst partners and children we turned to Paul Stedman who was the co-ordinator of the BIAS Stadium Action Group from 2001 -2003, the leader of the ABeeC Party in 2002 and the Chairman of BIAS from 2002-3. Here’s his guide:

‘First on the left = Caleb Johnstone-Cowan (he never had a formal role, but he was an early “evangelist” about this triangle of land being suitable for a stadium and would bang on a lot about on messageboards etc);
2nd left = Paul Brownscombe (ABeeC candidate – Cranford);
4th left (at the front) = Sacha Syed (ABeeC – Heston Central)
6th left = Steve Cowan (ABeeC party agent)
7th left = Joanne Swell (ABeeC – Heston West)
9th left = Dave Minckley (at the back with blue BFC tracksuit top) (BIAS secretary)
11th left = Dave Bond (with baseball cap) – ex Mayor of Ealing
15th left = John McGlashan ( first chair of BU and a bit of legend in my book)
16th left = yours truly
19th left = Jon Bishop (ABeeC – Hounslow South)
20th left = Phil Marchant (ABeeC – Hounslow West)’

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