Profiles: Bruce Powell

Wednesday, 1 May 2002 | In Focus

Profiles: Bruce Powell
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I have been a regular supporter since 1962, but was attending some games in the late fifties. I was, like so many other supporters, introduced to Brentford by my father who has supported the club since the early thirties.

My regular attendance started with a division four defeat against Mansfield Town 3–1 since when I have missed less than 10 home games, such is my affection for the club. Until five years ago I supported them standing on the Braemar Road Terraces but have now moved to the Main Stand seats. I used to work for the London Borough of Hillingdon but now do a variety of jobs including a recent spell helping out Brentford when they were short of staff.

The reason for my getting involved with the Trust are, that I felt that the route that Bournemouth have followed was the way forward for clubs like mine. And that such supporter involvement and control would prevent asset strippers, incompetent business men, and their like from taking my club away from myself and my fellow supporters.

After the Webb saga and subsequent events I feel that the trust and its involvement with the local community are the only way to safeguard the future of Brentford and other similar clubs.


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