Profiles: Alan Bird

Wednesday, 1 May 2002 | In Focus

Profile: Alan Bird
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An experienced chief executive officer/ chief financial officer who in the past 26 years has managed four large industrial and commercial groups of companies. each group has assets in excess of us $500million and with up to three thousand employees. 1987-1995 executive director of two substantial subsidiaries of a US public company whose shares are quoted on the NYSE.

Retired :- December 2000 but presently working casually in paris to assist a long time arab friend of mine who was having problems with his paris based group of companies and asked if i would sort them out as a personal favour to him.

Personal history

Married 38 years. Live in Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey. Brentford FC supporter since 1947


Longstanding critic of the financial policies instituted by the present management and board of directors. our present financial situation was predicted and predictable. I believe that my background and experience would be beneficial to Bees United in trying to restore the finances of the club and create some hope for the future.


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