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Bees United is printing more free books for those who missed out on the first edition but we need your help getting them to the right people.  
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Since the publication and distribution, just before Christmas, of the Limited Editionnook “Bees, Battles, Buckets and Ballot Boxes” , Bees Untied has been successful in reconnecting with numerous previous members, who sadly missed out on the book because we did not have their confirmed details at that time. Coupled with the excellent feedback on the book, Bees United is happy to announce that the Board has commissioned a further 500 books for reconnecting members to enjoy. It is important to note that this re-print will be limited to 500 books and no more copies will be printed past this number.

Whilst our Membership Secretary, John Scott, has been successful in reconnecting with over 1,750 members, there are still some 1,400 members he has not yet been able to reach. Therefore, if you know or even think that your mum, dad, son, daughter, aunt, uncle, neighbour or even the person you sit next to at a home game, was a Bees United member but have not heard from us for some time, then now is the time to ask them to contact us (assuming they still want to be a member). Why not forward our newsletter, it might help? You should also note that there are 243 members who are receiving this newsletter, for whom we have an e-mail but do not have a postal address. Why not use the “Update your Preferences” link at the foot of this newsletter to check your details. Simply put, but no postal address =no reprinted book.

Of the 1.400 members that John has not yet been able to reconnect with, around 400 members have had e-mails returned because they are no longer valid, about 450 members who have NEVER had an e-mail aligned to their membership record and about 550 members who have had e-mails sent to them but for whatever reason, John has not yet had a response. If you can help us close that gap, it would be very much appreciated.

Bees United can be contacted in several ways.

  1. Go to the Bees United Website and “re-join” via the Join Us page and our membership secretary will review his membership numbered database and try and match your details.
  2. Each member will, at minimum, receive the digital versions of “The Bees, Battles, Buckets and Ballot Boxes” book plus “A Last Season To Remember” .
  3. Use the Bees United mail address to make an enquiry about your membership. John will need your name and address and preferably a contact number. John will then get back to you with his findings.
  4. If you have moved address or changed your e-mail within the last 5 years, you would be wise to include the details in your mail. This will help John identify your old membership number.
  5. Send a mail directly to John at or call him on 07850 753010 and he will help you get reconnected.

Please help us to reconnect with those that have not heard from us for a while and who will enjoy our comms as well as being one of the lucky 500 to get the reprinted Bees, Battles, Buckets and Ballot Boxes book. When these books have gone, that’s it.



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