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How to re-connect with Bees United.  
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In October 2020 Bees United is giving its members the opportunity of receiving a free hardback Limited-Edition book that celebrates the move from Griffin Park to Lionel Road by telling the story of how it was Bees fans who paved the way.

To have the option of receiving this book you must be a member and you also need to have the correct postal address details registered in the new secure online system.

As part of our Data Cleanse project, where our Membership and Technology Secretary, John Scott, has written to almost 3,000 previously registered members, sadly he is yet to get a response from 660 members and he has had a further 443 mails where the e-mail has been rejected as invalid. Add that to the 506 member details that have never had a registered e-mail, Bees United is desperately trying to reconnect with 1,609 members.

So if you think you might be a member and have not received any communications for some time, then please contact John Scott on or you can call him on 07850 753010. John can then reconnect you with your membership details and get you add to the new online system.

If you have never been a member but want to join, the good news is that membership is free and you can either contact John directly or sign up via the Bees United website “Join Us” page 

All new members will be given a 4-digit membership number, once the data cleanse project has been completed


Join Bees United – Keep up to date with all the latest

Why Join us?


By joining us for free you will get a monthly newsletter, which often has Brentford content you won't have seen anywhere else.


The right to attend events such as our Annual General Meeting and, if you are interested, stand for election to our own Bees United Board.


You will also receive a free 48 page limited edition book that has been commissioned for delivery in October 2020. It will celebrate the move from Griffin Park to Lionel Road with photographs from 1904 to the opening of the new stadium.