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Brentford's plan has been welcomed by Bees fans.  
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Brentford fans have given a positive response to the club’s list of three options for fans who bought season-tickets for the 2020/21 season.   Described as ‘freeze’,’reserve’ and ‘refund’ the options offer a range of choices.

Reacting to an email which went to all season-ticket holders the feedback on the Griffin Park Grapevine was strongly in favour of the ‘freeze’ option. First up commenting was ‘King of the Geeks’ who said ‘ Wow !! That’s a generous package, thanks bees !! I reckon over 90 percent will take option 1 since for most it’s a sunk cost. I appreciate there will be some in these trying times who can’t afford it but I must commend the club and the supporters groups they worked with’. Bees blogger Nick Bruzon wrote ‘‘Freeze. Reserve. Refund. That’s a slogan I can get behind’.

On twitter @luisadrianoUK messaged the club:  ‘Not a ST holder but a fan of 40+ years pleased to see the replies here. Seems a solution has been found that satisfies most. Well played whoever at the club dealt with this and also @BIAS_bfc @BeesUnited… Thanks possibly also to Ollie Watkins & Dean Smith?! 🐝

Earlier in the process a club statement had said “Throughout an extensive period of uncertainty, we’ve held positive discussions with BIAS, Bees United and other fans.” A statement from BIAS said: “Our discussions have been very open and honest and we are pleased that the Club have listened to our concerns and ideas to generate the range of options now available.” 

Bees United Chairman and Brentford FC Director Stewart Purvis said: ‘We strongly the support the principle of the club consulting with fans and have used our seat on the Brentford board to encourage that.  BU was an offspring of BIAS and we want the club to continue to talk directly to them. We use our own influence feeding back to the club board and management the view of the BU Board who are all fans. This has helped create a better outcome for all season-ticket holders.”

Bees United continues to hold a ‘special share’ in the club which gives it a veto under certain conditions if the club’s owners wish to move home. That special share has now transferred from Griffin Park to the new stadium. 


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