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Trevor Inns, who has been giving advice on iFollow to Bees fans on the GPG, offers his tips.  
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As part of your season ticket package you should have access to all home games and midweek away fixtures. You will have to pay for away fixtures that occur at the weekends. No, me neither.

The tedious process of signing up for a game with a club-issued code has been streamlined and you now need to do nothing to get access to games that you are entitled to as part of the ST package. You should find that if you go to your iFollow account that the next few fixtures will be marked as “already available” to you. If this is not the case, then please contact the club and they should sort this out for you.

There have been many fans reporting difficulty in accessing the match on the day itself. Here’s some handy tips to get up and running:

  • If you are using a computer to watch then use a wired connection rather than Wi-Fi if possible.
  • Make sure that you have a decent, fast internet connection. Go to fast.com and check you have sufficient bandwidth. Ideally this should be above 5Mbps, but anything over 1Mbps should suffice. If the bandwidth ends in “Gbps” then it must be over 800 and, even then, you are unlikely to have the best experience.
  • To improve your bandwidth, do the following:
  1. If possible, use a wired connection rather than Wi-Fi
  2. If using Wi-Fi, then ensure you find the best place to watch. Using fast.com above try moving to another location in the house and see if this improves the bandwidth. Normally this will be next to the router that the Wi-Fi connects to. Walls will impact the bandwidth from your Wi-Fi
  3. Make sure that your bandwidth isn’t being consumed by other people in the household. Kids playing on the Xbox etc. Kick them off!
  4. Restarting the router by powering it off for 10 seconds and then powering back on again.
  • If you are using a device such as an iPhone, iPad or android device then use the app rather than a browser. These are proven to work better.
  • Log-in early to the match. The stream starts about 30-40 minutes before the match. Get the stream running nice and early so there’s time to sort out any problems well ahead of kick-off
  • If you get the “spinning wheel of death” then first reload the page (normally by pressing f5). If this fails to work then try a different browser; try clearing your cookies; try restarting the device you are watching on. Unfortunately, we do get reports of iFollow failing for a match without warning only to find that patience and continual attempts to connect do work in the end.

There is an FSA survey running on iFollow, please ensure that you give your feedback as they are challenging the EFL to provide an improved product. The survey is here

Finally, the Griffin Park Grapevine at https://griffinpark.org has been successfully helping fans on matchdays with their iFollow issues. Make sure you share your problems there for help from fellow fans to get you up and running.


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