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Jamie Powell sent this message on Friday 26 February.  
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Dear Bees United,
I wanted to write you a personal email, to thank you for
1. The books that you sent me as a gift on my return from Boston, they were a very welcome and pleasant surprise.
2. For the overwhelming support you have shown towards me. Not only the money you donated yourselves but the platform and publicity you have provided to get me to my target so quickly.
Bees fans really have been truly amazing and to then see that a few weeks after so many have donated to my page we are then 2nd in the #cancerdeadlineday league table! To me that’s just incredible! What a club!
I must admit it’s been emotional being back and I still have to finish 4 cycles of Chemo which really does take its toll, but hey, the sun is shining while I write this and we have just beaten Sheff Weds with Stoke to come tomorrow. Can you believe the whole of the time I was in Boston, the only game we lost was the Tottenham game and I managed to watch every single one of them via Ifollow. It actually really kept me going out there and with the games coming so quickly after each other it always gave me something to look forward too. It’s amazing what that can do for your mental health especially winning so many games like that. So proud of them!
 But then again I came home and we lost three on the bounce!! 😂
Anyway, once again I cannot thank yourselves and everyone at Brentford football club enough for everything everyone has done for me.
 Much much love, Jamie Powell 💕💕 🐝🐝

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