Wednesday, 30 June 2021 | Heritage

Many Bees fans have contacted Bees United suggesting names for our Memorial list. We felt this email from Joe Fenton about his late son, Henry, deserved a special place.  
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‘If possible, I would like to add my son to the memorial name list.

Henry Fenton was born at 22 weeks, on Sunday 30th May. A few days before, he was diagnosed with an extremely rare and inoperable heart condition, which sadly meant Henry would not survive.

I sadly couldn’t make it to Wembley despite having a ticket, so had to watch on Sky as my brother, dad and sister cheered us to victory.

Miraculously, Henry’s heart was still beating for a few hours after he was born, passing away peacefully in the early hours of 31st May.

In his short time with us, Henry only knew the Bees as a Premier League team, and was blissfully unaware of all those cold winter trips to watch us lose to the likes Macclesfield, Chester & Hereford.. not forgetting the 7-0 to Peterborough!

He was buried with a Brentford bear and we’re going to try and make him an honorary ‘Babee’ for the coming season.

Hope its okay to add him to the list.

Joe Fenton.’

We sent our condolences to Joe on his loss and told him that of course Henry’s name would be added in the next edition of the Memorial  and it now has been. With Joe’s agreement we published his email and the accompanying photograph on this website. Joe has set up a memorial page for Henry where donations can be made. Money raised from the page will go towards the maternity bereavement suite at Leeds General Infirmary and will help support other families in Leeds who go thorough similar experiences.  Joe lives in Leeds, his connection with Brentford came through his father who was born in Brook Road.


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