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Bees United

The Brentford FC Supporters Trust

At a time when football supporters often feel clubs are out of touch with their fans, we have a unique role in ensuring that Brentford remains a club which we- the fans- can call our own. Bees United has a seat on the board of Brentford FC and a ’special share’ to safeguard its long-term future. BU earned these rights when it saved the club from financial disaster back in 2006 and later began the partnership with Matthew Benham that led to him eventually becoming Brentford’s owner. Our BFC board representative also sits on the Audit Committee which oversees the Club’s accounts and is the Club’s Adjudicator under its complaints procedure for customers.

We are proud of our club and its progress since we ensured its survival.

We are confident of its future under the ownership model we helped create.

Our Mission

Bees United exists to safeguard Brentford Football Club (BFC) so that it has a stable and sustainable future as a professional football club. Our role is to represent our members, the supporters of BFC and the local community to ensure that BFC remains a club we can all call our own.


Bees United’s main focus today is ensuring the long-term future of Brentford Football Club. The extraordinary investment from Matthew Benham makes this task considerably easier, but Bees United still plays a vital role in the running of the Club:

  • Bees United has the right to nominate a non-executive director on the board of Brentford Football Club. That director is currently the Chairman of Bees United, Stewart Purvis, who also sits on the Audit Committee. BU contributes to the decisions made in relation to the running of the Football Club, and in particular its long-term sustainable future.

  • Bees United holds a ‘special’ share which gives BU the right to veto the sale of the club’s stadium unless the proposed sale will enable a bona fide move to a new stadium that meets all reasonable requirements for the football club. BU has supported the move from Griffin Park to the new stadium at Lionel Road because it meets our criteria.

  • The generosity of our members meant that when investment was needed BU raised millions of pounds for Brentford Football Club through donations and loans. If the long term security of the club was ever in jeopardy, we would do the same again, and our funds would be utilised to secure the future of the club. (Although our faith in the leadership of Matthew Benham means no such crisis is anticipated in the foreseeable future).


Bees United is committed to strengthening the bonds between the Club, and the community which it serves. Furthermore, Bees United represents the interests of this community in the running of the Club.

  • Bees United fully endorses the work of the Brentford FC  Community Sports Trust and the Brentford Chamber of Commerce and we will always look to support these organisations where possible.

  • Bees United was a leading member of Supporters Direct (SD), now merged into the Football Supporters Association. SD defined a Supporters’ Trust as: “A democratic, not-for-profit organisation of supporters, committed to strengthening the voice for supporters in the decision making process at a club, and strengthening the links between the club and the community it serves.”


The Trust Board

Elected Board Members

Stewart Purvis


Ron Cooper

Board Member

Chris Tate

Fan Issues Liaison

John Scott

Membership Secretary
Mobile – 07850 753 010

James Walsh


Jon Gosling

Board Member

Fran Carroll

Board Member

Don Tanswell


Christine Powell

Board Member

Jeff Dent

Board Member

Jeffrey Roy

Board Member

Keith Macinnes

Board Member

Colleen Wong

Board Member

Sharon Wright

Board Member

Stuart Hatcher

Board Member

Contributing Editors

Bill Hagerty

Contributing Editor

Greville Waterman

Contributing Editor

Bees United Advisors

David Anderson

Rune Dahl

Stuart Hughes

Shannon Foster

Bees United was formed with founding twin aims. Firstly, to give ordinary football supporters a greater say in the sustainable future of Brentford Football Club.

Secondly, to bring the Club closer to the local community. Bees United is still working under the guiding principles of sustainability and community.

Our formal name is ; Brentford Football Community Society Ltd. A registered society under the Co—operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014. Registration Number 29244R

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