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Vounteer army

BEES UNITED need you! Will you help? We want to raise a "volunteer army" to help run BEES UNITED and to assist with the many activities which the Supporters' Trust and the Football Club will be involved with over the coming months.
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As we look towards the future!

The report in The Chronicle newspaper on 28 February 2002 highlighted some of the problems faced by Brentford Football Club, some of which are issues Bees United will need to address when it takes up its option to purchase the Altonwood share-holding.
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About us

BEES UNITED was formed with the co-operation of several supporters groups at Brentford Football Club and the backing of Supporters Direct, the Government funded body set up specifically to help supporters form trusts at their football clubs.
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Bees United update

Although it may seem quiet on the Bees United front, there has been a fair amount of groundwork undertaken by the steering committee in structuring the future of the Brentford Supporters’ Trust.
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