Total Members: 2827 | Adult Members: 1497 | Other Members*: 1330 (as of 07/08/2015)
* includes Corporate, Life, Senior, Junior and Student members

About Bees United

About the Trust

Bees United, The Brentford Supporters' Trust, is one of a family of more than 120 such organisations, who have been part of a quiet revolution in how football clubs are managed. The Supporters' Trust revolution has been overseen by Supporters' Direct the government-funded body, borne out of the Government's Task Force which investigated all aspects of football in this country.

Bees United, is the trading name for Brentford Football Community Society Limited which was formed as an Industrial and Provident Society in April 2001 with the twin aims of giving ordinary football supporters greater involvement in the future of Brentford Football Club and bringing the Club closer to the whole community.

Owners of Brentford Football Club

The Trust acquired the majority shareholding (60%) in Brenford Football Club on January 20th 2006. Bees United has loaned over £1.4m to Brentford Football Club and currently has two Director places on the Football Club Board.

The current Directors nominated by Bees United are Donald Kerr and Bees United Chairman David Merritt. Donald and David were elected to the Bees United board by members.

Lionel Road stadium project

In November 2002 Bees United unveiled plans for a stadium development complex at Lionel Road, a triangle of land next to Kew Bridge Railway Station. Bees Utd's plans were a potential remedy to the problems that had bedevilled the Club's management for decades: complex financial arrangements for a new stadium, in an area of scarce land availability. Hence the importance of its fundraising initiatives and the Club acquiring an alternative stadium and with it a fresh tranche of revenue streams.

Bees United is managed by a Board of nine members, of whom eight are directly elected by its members, one is co-opted as representatives of loan note holders. Through Bees United the influence of ordinary supporters in the future of the Football Club has increased significantly, and with it democracy and accountability.