Total Members: 2827 | Adult Members: 1497 | Other Members*: 1330 (as of 07/08/2015)
* includes Corporate, Life, Senior, Junior and Student members

Welcome to Bees United

Bees United* was formed in April 2001 with the twin aims of giving ordinary football supporters a greater say in the future of Brentford Football Club and bringing the Club closer to the whole community

A majority 60% shareholding was acquired in the Club on 20 January 2006. Bees United’s principal focus today is ensuring the long-term future of Brentford Football Club.

Since it was formed, nearly £0.5 million has been raised by Bees United from its members and from general fundraising.

This money has been used to support Brentford Football Club through loans. Altogether, Bees United has loaned over £1.4 million to the Club.

*Bees United is the trading name of the industrial and provident society known as Brentford Football Community Society Limited.

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