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Bees United have today announced the appointment of John McGlashan as a full time employee of the Supporters' Trust.

Bees United have today announced the appointment of John McGlashan as a full time employee of the Supporters` Trust.

John, who is a Director of Brentford Football Club and Chairman of Bees United, will have a permanent office at Griffin Park which will enable him to further promote and enhance the activities of the Trust from within the Club's own headquarters.

This groundbreaking initiative, which has the total support of Brentford Football Club, further demonstrates the healthy relationship between the Club and the Trust, and is expected to be of enormous benefit to both parties.

Gary Hargraves the Club's Managing Director said "I see this as a very positive step forward as I have long been of the opinion that Bees United will one day play a far greater role in the administration of the Club. Not only is this an opportunity for John to gain a greater understanding of how the Club operates behind the scenes through practical involvement but also demonstrates the Club's willingness to be as transparent as policy will dictate with regard to the operation of the Club. In addition anything the Club can do to help facilitate the progression of Lionel Road as a stadium site I'm sure will be greatly appreciated by those most active in its pursuit".

The appointment will enable John to devote more time to the ever-increasing demands placed on the Trust as they strive to develop a new community stadium at Lionel Road and at the same time further promote the close relationship between the Football Club and Bees United which has been forged over the course of the past year.

From Wednesday 12th March, Bees United will have a new telephone number - 0845 166 7222 (local call rate).