Policy Related to Supporter Elected Directors (Adopted 21 July 2008)

It is Bees United (BU) Policy that some of the BU nominees to the BFC Board are elected by Supporters.

Of the BU nominee positions on the BFC Board (currently four in number), it is BU Policy that a minimum of 50% (currently two) of the nominees are BU Board members elected by Supporters.

It is BU Policy not to hold separate member elections to identify those nominees. Selection of nominees will be made by the BU Board from those current BU Board Members who have been elected by the full BU membership.  Such nominees shall be expected to resign from the BFC Board should they cease to be an elected BU Board Member (for any reason).

This policy shall take effect on the resignation of Jon Gosling from the BFC Board, which shall be no later than February 2009.

August 2012 update: Bees United currently has two nominee positions following the resignation of Mark Chapman, namely:  Donald Kerr and David Merritt.