Openness Policy

It is Bees United (BU) Policy that all its activities are transparent to members.

Dialogue with the membership will be promoted through a variety of methods to ensure this transparency is achieved. These may include articles on our website, membership newsletters (both email and letter – with at least two letters per year), information points on matchdays, the Club matchday programme, written communication (letter/email), open board meetings, dialogue with the media and by participation in fans forums and other meetings with supporters.

The Board of BU and any nominated representatives will apply the principles of confidentiality and collective responsibility in order to clearly and visibly act as a professional commercial organisation. This is critical to our success in delivering the objectives of BU.

Individual board members and nominated representatives have the freedom to explain their personal views and (unless on a confidential subject) their voting habits to members. With the exceptions of prior explicit election commitments and occasional specific issues, Board Members and nominated representatives are expected to support the policies, strategies, actions and approach agreed by the Board.