Bees United nominees

The Bees United nominees on the Brentford FC board comprise: Donald Kerr and David Merritt. Below are their personal biographies.

Donald Kerr

I retired in 2007, having been a director of JWT, one of the largest advertising agencies, for the previous 25 years. Having been brought up to support my local team, I first watched Brentford in 1977, the year I arrived in London, and have never wished, well not often, that I was local to any other team.

Elected to the board of Bees United (BU) in 2007, I took on the role of improving BU’s and BFC’s profile in the local community and of trying to pull the different strands of the Brentford family closer together, under the “One Brentford” banner.

I soon found myself representing the club on the executive of the local chamber of commerce, helping organise their meetings and other local events, and on the trust board of a local school, now an academy. Over the last 2 years, perhaps because I had more time than others and a marketing background, I also became BU’s representative on the board of both the club and Lionel Rd subsidiary.

I sit on the steering group of the GPLZ and, when the very existence of that resource was threatened by central government cuts, have helped manage its transfer from local authority control to become an integral part of the BFC Community Sports Trust. I was asked by Lee Doyle, the CEO of the Community Sports Trust, to join their trustee board and feel very privileged to be involved in this fantastic BFC community asset, if only in a very small capacity.

As regards personal achievements, the most satisfying would be coordinating all the elements of “One Brentford” to help BFC be accorded CommunityMark status, a mark of community contribution only achieved by 40 other UK companies, most of them blue-chip with huge CSR resources.

David Merritt

A supporter since the days of David Webb, I was one of the team of four that re-launched BIAS (the independent supporters association,, back in the days of Ron Noades. In that role I was also the first BIAS representative to attend a meeting on supporters' trusts, the start of a process that eventually led to the creation of Bees United - it is therefore great to see what both organisations have achieved since, due to the hard work of many fellow supporters.

Working in the business/outsourced services sector, I am an accountant by trade and have had finance, commercial, operations and general management roles in a number of companies.  I live in Chiswick and have two children: a young daughter (who I have managed to bring to Griffin Park) and an even younger son (who I have not, yet).

I was co-opted onto the Board of Bees United in early 2007 before being confirmed by election in the latter part of 2007. I was then selected by the Board of BU to be Chair, and also to be one of their representatives on the Board of Brentford Football Club.